Sunday, May 31, 2009

Six & Six

Okay I have been tagged by tatersmama...the rule is to pick your six folder in you my pictures and choose the sixth picture in there then pick six people to tag. Okay here is my photo and my choice of six :-)) Enjoy and have fun. This is of West and Travis, me teaching them a more fun way to break their arm or necks by surfing on a soapy slip and slid..geaux dardar :-)

No their mother was not happy when she saw this...LOL

My Six people are

My Very Positive Friend Michel

My Adorable Friend Tabitha

My Educational Friend Jane

My Traveling Friend Helen

My Farming Friend Becky

My flower buddy Eileen


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Optimistic Pessimist (formerly known as marathoner81) said...

I hear you stalk I thought i'd stop by and check things out, as I like to blog stalk too!

Pearl said...

I think the slip-n-slide is a fabulous toy! I'll bet you're a favorite person to visit!

Michel said...

SIX SIX....what is missing here Dar?!?!? I KNEW IT! You're SATAN!

Just as I suspected.

You know I can't do math!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Slip and slide. now it really is summer

bearer of three said...

lol im sure their mother was brother does the same thing..he teaches my girls to do the weirdest things..i know its all out of fun but still gives me a heartattack lol

Pop and Ice said...

Kids break bones doing slip & slide? I was unaware! Looks fun to me!

Pastor Sharon said...

Yes!!!! The only way to slip n slide is standing up on a surf board. . . with dishsoap slathered all over the slide, of course!
You would have been my favorite person to visit! My mother used to 'freak-out' when my sister and I did those surfing tricks!
Great pic!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Just stopping by to say HELLOOOO!!!! and I love the slip and slide pic....OHHHH the slip and slide and soap..or baby oil...oh yes memories!!!

darsden said...

OP-thankyou for coming by and yes I do stalk..LOL com'on back anytime!

Pearl-not to toot my own horn BUT HELL YEA I am they are crying big time for camp dardar's but they moved to West Virginia too far for mama case of an emergency..YOU can see why if she sent them to me...LOL

Michel-dammit why didn't I put you as my 6th person WHY didn't I think of that LOL

PSHT- yes it has hit 95 already here and only the first of june...oh what a hoooooottttt summer we are going to have

bearer of three-oh yes I got a phone call on that one..they spent 2 weeks with me last summer...wonder why she won't send them back!

Pop and Ice-yes they had a blast..momma not soooo much after she got the pictures for the day..LOL

Pastor Sharon-thankyou they had a blast and so did I :-)

Thoughts by Dena-thankyou for coming by please com'on back anytime...good memories eh!

Becky said...

I have actually seen kids doing this in a pool. Scared the crap outta me. And their parents didn't stop them. Sheesh!
Thanks for the shout out.

Tabitha in Bliss said...

That looks like SO much FUN!!
I'll definitely go through my folders and see what I come up with. :)

Love Ya!!

PS..We are hoping to be in N.O. by the end of this month. Depending on the weather (Hurricane Season has started) Ughh!

Hit 40 said...

The comments on our blogs are truly better than our posts!!! LMAO!! Thank you for the tag. I have some work to do. Otin and H.K. also tagged me. All are good tags.

I want to send my kids over to camp Darsden!!!

blognut said...

Wow! I had no idea you were Satan! None at all.

It can't be true.

You gotta check out my blog today, 'cause I totally arranged to have a bird saved.

darsden said...

Becky-they did have a blast and begging to come back.

Tabitha my friend they had a lot of fun at camp dardar's..OOOOOH can't wait to zip over and meet you honey...Praying NOBODY has any storms this year.

Hit 40-that are always better than my post for sure..damn Michel trumped me today though wish I was smarter and had listed her last...send them honey we would have fun.

blognut-I didn't know that either..YOU must be listening to that chic Michel..don't let her get to you now!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

They are just adorable. She can't be mad that you were just showing them some fun, right?

jojo said...

l.o.v.e. the slip 'n slide! And my kids never broke anything slippin' and slidin'...;p

Gaston Studio said...

So I just pick a photo folder and choose the 6th pic in it... will do... I guess I can go eeeny meeny minie moe or close my eyes.

So GLAD you're back!!!

darsden said...

SMB- thank you ... no not really bad she just said now she knows why I make her sign a waiver just in case I have to take them to the hospital. LOL (I did get a phone call though uhmmmm huh)

JoJo-nope no broken bones here either..waving the waiver just in case. :-)

Gaston Studio-yes, easy to do..I know you got some pictures woman so if you want to post 6 pictures that is alrighty by me :-))