Friday, July 2, 2010

WELLLL MO' Crapola

I did not take any of these pictures...I stole them from here
what is our local newspaper. To say my heart is broken yet again cannot even begin to tell the story. This is our very livelihood here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Along with Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Coming Soon to all coastal area's I fear.
But this Is
MY front yard
My Home Town
My People
and their very LiveliHood. Gone!!!
Gone for only God knows how Long.
I will stand firm on what I have been saying all along.
I/We will NOT out live this Gusher!!!

okay disclaimer here...the rest of the pictures were stolen elsewhere
This is our livelihood covered in oil...very Poignant if you ask me
Happy 4th of July, Hope you all Have a Great Day
Oh Yeah... Who Dat Babe'
Now that is a SaaaWeeet Ring!!!

xoxo dar
Geaux Get Your Read On !
"The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you"
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Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute Babe'!
With all the pressure they are under I'm wondering why they haven't done more.

Tabitha said...

My heart hurts behind this oil disaster. I can't understand how they can sit around and move when they get the urge. CRAZINESS!!

That ring just makes me want to get up and dance!!!

Go Saints!!

Brian Miller said...

oh dar...that totaly sucks...sickens me to my stomach...

hope you have a good 4th!

darsden said...

Twisted Fencepost-I have no idea, the "Whale Ship" is here but not allowed to suck up any oil. There is so much red tape...I am kinda leaning on what did / who did / why did they do this? It stinks and it's all politics!!!

Tabitha-I didn't post any animals because my heart just can't watch anymore. It's horrible.

Brian-Yes it does Brian, hard to watch on TV and hard to see it and breathe it now on our beaches. I live 4 miles from the Gulf and I can't smell it strong somedays.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The handmade sign says it all. BP SUCKS. Such a mess and so heart-breaking.

But that sweet little girl is a feast for the eyes. She's beautiful.

Happy July 4th.

Bella said...

its awful the mess and devastation. the pictures speak for themselves.

Try to have a wonderful 4th...

joanne said...

I'm afraid you're right, this is going to be around much longer than any of us. God help us all...

Mary Ellen said...

I've been insulated - not watching TV, and the newspaper photos can be quickly turned away from. Hearing from you, the anguish is real. I can only pray that this horrific experience causes a real and lasting shift away from our callous treatment of our precious earth (and water). We need to leave something behind for the generations to come.

darsden said...

Joanna Jenkins-yes, that sign sums it up. I don't want anybody put out of business...But that Tong dude that wanted his life back so decide to go yachting instead of doing his duty as CEO of BP... bettern NEVER hope I run into his whinny ass!!!! Little Sophia is her dardar's girl :-)

Bella-Yes, they do speak loudly! I enjoyed your jamboree...and the flag dancer what a cool tribute he did for ya'll :-) It's going to be a quite 4th around here. Just going to chill by the pool and cook Pop, a hamburger. You have a good one too...thankyou

Joanne-The way they hide all information is what is scary. But those of us that live and breathe this coastline Know the whole truth. It's is going to effect alot more than it has.. due to lack of respect for nature .. and all the red tape!!!! The next 5 generations will still be dealing with this tragedy!

Mary Ellen-that is why I put it out there honey.. People forget! Hello, we still have people living in tents from Hurricane Katrina around here and NOW we have the oil gusher and here comes the Hurricanes to put it really on the coast and even more into the coastal land areas.

PEOPLE ... this is all because the love of OIL out weighs the cost of Nature and People.. It's all political now!!! We put a man on the moon???? And we can't suck up some oil... or cap it...

They are trying only to save the oil and the oil well, at the expense of US the People and the innocent disposable wild life!!! That is all they the fucking oil!!!

Way I see it... the South is disposable!!!

Okay stepping off my soap box... Carry ON

Happy 4th to everybody... Home of the FREE and BRAVE!!!

otin said...

The gulf will never be the same in our lifetime! NEVER!!

I hope that your weekend was okay?

darsden said...

Otin-NO and IT Sucks...didn't have to be this way. It is really going to affect the food chain too. Along with the very income of my coastal people! High Cost...Very High Cost!