Monday, October 5, 2009

Meals On Wheels

This is one of my favorite toys I got last year for Christmas. I love it, you would not believe how handy this lil wagon is. I use it all over the Ponderosa. Haul all kinds of things with it.
But my most favorite thing to do with it is
Turn it into Meals on Wheels for Mom and Pop :-) I like to cook for them. But I do not have a table for all of us to sit at in the mole hole so I do the cooking in the mole hole and then haul over to their house to eat it. Mom, says when she sees me getting my wagon and putting a towel down in the bottom of it. (nope not for sanitary purposes..but so that my wagon doesn't get scatched LOL) That they are about to get something delicious to eat. Yesterday was that day for meals on wheels on the ponderosa.
For this meal I am preparing some rice
Moms has set the table for us...look at the view will ya :-)
Mama is cooking the corn bread
Mama is buttering the corn bread trying to hide behind the spreader..LOL
It is Red Beans & Rice today folks, with 2 links of Hillshire Farm sausage and half a honey baked ham in there. It's so good (YES, I know I am the cook - but child have you seen a picture of me.. I am an excellent cook) I sometimes throw some chicken breast in there too but I left the chicken out this time and went more ham.
It was a delicious meal (yes me still tooting my own horn)and very enjoyable with the folks.
Yes and notice Brat here gets the best view for eating too :-)
Please NOTE there are NO flowers on this post Otin!!
Nope the ones in the background to count!

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Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

That looks SOOOO Good!!!

Scrappy Doo said...

now I'm starving :-O

Mango Girl said...

What a wonderful thing!

I love this post Darsden!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Look how happy mom and pop are...

xoxoxoxo, Mango

A Mom on Spin said...

Do the Meals on Wheels travel to New Jersey??

Becky said...

Great idea!
I have a little cart I use all over the farm, but it's not as cute as your wagon.
Boo has one that he no longer uses. I'll have to comandeer it!

blognut said...

How far can you pull that little wagon full of food? 'Cause it's a long walk to Chicago, but I've got time to wait.

♥ Braja said...

Ohhhh....Dar....where's the vegetarian version?? :(

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Mom and Dad are lucky to have such a brat. Yummm. You've made me hungry again.

Reddirt Woman said...

I think if you wheeled the meal you should get the view. Now I'm hungry... And your momma knows how to make the cornbread... cast iron skillet... yes!!!


darsden said...

Tabitha-thank you it was

Scrappy doo-good to see you ... sorry

Mango-thank you (I do it all the time)

A mom on spin-LOL too funny a lil far

blognut-dude you are even further than Jersey!

Braja-(hanging head in shame) so sorry my friend...turn away don't look.

Smart Mouth Broad-LOL I don't know mabye you should ask them...sorry.

darsden said...

Reddirt Woman-yes, I make her make the corn bread cuz mine always is too dry and I requested she use her cast iron for that reason!

Amy said...

Okey Dokey. . . now go get your little red wagon, pack it up and come NORTH!!!! That made me hungry!!! Would love a good recipe for that!!!

Pearl said...

Oh, Dar, you are just the sweetest thing.
:-) Maybe some day, you'll be in your parents' backyard and I'll live in YOUR backyard! Would ya feed me?!

Red beans and ricely yours,


Pastor Sharon said...

Dar. . . this looks like a lovely spread! I think this is awesome!

Joanie M said...

Oh yum!! I'm actually starting to cook more often again. John's ex was a gourmet cook. So I'm sometimes a little intimidated when I cook. John swears he loves everything I make.

Joanna Jenkins said...

What time is dinner? I'll be right over.
Love the red wagon and your smiling Mom.

Pop and Ice said...

What an adorable thing to do for your parents! How nice to have ready-made company for dinner - even if you bring the dinner!

gin said...

what a great daughter you are! i love red beans and rice. your mom looks so cute!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: How very nice of you, it looks delicious. I'm sire your parents are very thankful.

Brian Miller said...

you can bring you wagon of goodies by my house any day...looks delicious!

Medora said...

Corn bread! That made me hungry - I love corn bread!

otin said...

Looks like some good down home Mississippi cooking!