Monday, September 14, 2009

Life's A Beach!

Staying at the Sandestin Beach Hilton, January 2006 With the Bourland Zoo. I believe I was keeping the two boys and letting the parents have an adult night out. We use to be able to do that a lot when they lived here and in Destin. This was shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Went over to relax and take a break from the mess. It had made a bad,bad mess and changed everybody I knew...changed their lives and their locations!
Beauty Is and Always Found
absolutely beautiful sunset
yes, a few years old, but I see I liked sky pictures along time ago
clouds rolling in second night sunset
like watercolors
colors got really intense
then just pastel as the night played on


Geaux Get Your Read On!

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


blueviolet said...

I love how each night is not a finished portrait but a painting in progress.


Bella said...

beautiful pics! Gosh, I wanta go to the beach.

♥ Braja said...

Er...excuse me, have I landed at a photographers blog????

Lorac said...

They may be a couple of years old but still are great! The second form last is so intense! Colours amazing!

rxBambi said...

great photos. I really like how blueviolet said it, a painting in progress. awesome

otin said...

Dar, you are like the sky that you photograph. You are bright, colorful, and unpredictable!

blognut said...

I love these, Dar! They're better than postcards.

Brian Miller said...

i love the way the sun paints the bottom of the clouds...simply amazing.

Pastor Sharon said...

Hey girlfriend! These pictures are lovely!!!!!
And I love that quote at the end of your post! Beautiful! xoxo

Becky said...

Beautiful sunset pictures, Dar!

Michel said...

I really like your pics dar! It's like visiting a postcard!

jojo said...

I love the beach. Seems like forever since I was there, this makes me want to head back out there and play. Lovely photos Dar, how the heck do you do it?? (take such lovely pics that is!)

Anonymous said...

Those are some amazing pictures! I so want to take a photgraphy class!!!

Nothing better than a beach and a sky looking like that!!

Gaston Studio said...

There's nothing like a sunset on a beach to put you in touch with the Maker.

JennyMac said...

LOVE those perfect pics!

Greener Bangalore said...

Oh my goodness....the 6th picture is tooooooo good Darl.....just amazing pictures...great...was not in the net for a few days as busy with exams :)!!!

darsden said...

blueviolet-oooh I like that too thank you.

Bella-thank you and I too want to go back it's been a lil while.

Braja-I believe you have and uhmmm should I change my name.

Lorac-thank you very much. It was very enjoyable the whole 4 days.

rxBami-thank you and I like that too.

otin-thank you I appreciate it very much!

blognut-thank you and some could be post card if I do say so myself..LOL but they are not postcards yet!

Brian Miller-thank you I appreciate it.

Pastor Sharon thank you I appreciate it and thought you would like that too.

Becky-thank you very much :-)

Michel-yes they are purdy aren't they LOL

JoJo-thank you and I love the beach too. Just listening to the waves and when you get sunsets like this...Priceless!

Amy-thank you,I have always wanted to take one too. I need to look into that.

Gaston Studio-this is very true it is a beautiful place to be in touch.

JennyMac-thank you very much.

Greener Bangalore-thank you very much and yes it's my favorite I framed it on my desk yesterday :-)

Medora said...

These pics don't even look real - they look like oil paintings. Just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing! They are gorgeous, I bet they bring a lot of wonderful memories!

Pastor Sharon said...

Hey dear, Just checking in with you.

Grace and Bradley said...

What a marvelous sunset. It must be amazing to sit on the beach to see all these colors unfold. Thanks for sharing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: What a wonderful look at the sun at the beach. Those were beautiful captures.

Allie said...

Pretty pictures! I want to go there now!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Those photos are amazing Dar. You won something over at my place..... ; -)

darsden said...

Thank You everybody for your comments really appreciate it. Taking advantage of the weather and doing some over do cleaning. Be back really soon!

Thank You PHST.. that is wonderful and I am excited. :-)

Margo said...

beautiful! I love beach sunsets. Here we get beach sunrises - but I rarely get to see those since we don't live right on the beach and well... I'm not a morning person. The rare times I do though I always swear I'll do it more often. number 6 is truly spectacular!