Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Attention All Bloggers ***Blue Light Special***

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Sharon, Happy Birthday toooo YooooUUU, May all your wishes come true. Now Geaux Party like it's your Birthday,
You look Fabulous!
Preaching to the Choir Sista
Officer dar Badge Number 00069 Has heard it all before ma'am!
I KNOW what YOU can THrow BAck to End UP looking Like THis
You Have Just been pulled over from Officer dar, so she could wish you a very
Happy Birthday My Friend
May you have a fabulous day
what's that you say
it's the big FOUR O
well why didn't you say
Hey it's the big 40 day
Everybody Geaux Wish Pastor Sharon a big Happy Birthday :-)


Geaux Get Your Read On!

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'
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Mango Girl said...

Roger and out!

xo, Mango

bearer of three said...

awww this is a sweet tribute to your friend

Anonymous said...

Dar - this is so cool!! I know she will just love it! She had to work today and it has been a pretty busy day for her, so she will be ready for a good laugh later tonight.

Happy Birthday to you, Pastor Rosie!!!

A Mom on Spin said...

Thanks for leading me there. I always heard about Pastor Sharon, but never got around to visiting her.


Pastor Sharon said...

Gurl. . . . . You done got beyond yourself! You so sweet! What you did here. . . . is the nicest thing! I am blushing.

Pastor Sharon said...

Now gurl. . . you went and found so choice pictures. . . looking at me on my best side?

Pastor Sharon said...

You are sweet! And since I am here I think I"ll post more than one comment! I can today. . . it's my birthday! I love you Darsden!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures!! Happy birthday to your friend!! :D

darsden said...

Mango- cool beans :-)

bearer of three-thank you girl good to see you it's been a while

A mom on Spin-Thank you appreciate it

Pastor Sharon-LMAO Happy Birthday my friend gotcha :-) and yes, you can do anything today it is your birthday

Maggie-thank very much appreciate it.

Jeanne said...

How very nice! I'll go say hi....

otin said...

The Pastor has a Birthday today?? What is she, 24?? haha Happy Birthday Sharon!!!

Pastor Sharon said...

Yes my sweet. . . favorite MAN in the whole world!!!!!! I am 24 today!

I always knew I was in love with you! Otin you have just made it to Platinum with that comment! You are really the best thing!

Twisted Fencepost said...

After this post....I know Pastor Sharon has had a very happy birthday!!

Pastor Sharon said...

Did I tell you that this is very kind of you to do?

And on question? Did you call this a blue light special because you are a blog patrol officer or was this because Amy told you she was getting my birthday gift from K-Mart?

LOL . . . . now that was funny!

Anywho, thanks again.

Pastor Sharon said...

Twisted Fencepost: This has made me smile all day long! I have enjoyed this very much!

Pastor Sharon said...

Oh look Dar,
I am responding to your comments. . . .teee heee heee. . . . this is what I learned from you.

I do miss our blog patrol nites of BBQ'ing and Karaoke on other people's blogs! Wanna do it again real soon?

I say we execute a plan and make it happen. We still have that list of folks who need to be stalked!

darsden said...

Jeanne-thank you I appreciate it

Otin-you working on brownie points coming through the back door my brother I see you

Twisted fencepost-LOL I hope so Becky an not hunting for me ;-)

Pastor Sharon- comment away it is your birthday, mi casa su casa hope it brought a big ole smile to your face and know your loved :-)

Pastor Sharon said...


I just got a package from you in the mail!!!!!

You sent me Michael and his twins!!!!

I love the pictures! and the CD and the Card is just lovely!

You are truly a wonderful person! Now Michael will be framed and shown to all my friends who come by!

I really love this!

I love you too! This was the nicest thing! I think I'm crying! Yep. . . sure am!

darsden said...

Happy Birthday to You..and I did nothing just wishing you a great day

Beth said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Pastor Sharon!

Medora said...

Off to do your bidding . . .

Brian Miller said...

woohoo! happy birthday PS!