Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday with a few words sorry :-)

Addendum...Tinkalicious lost her mom on Saturday bless her heart.
Please go show some Love to Tink Thank you ! I see Angels or I see a big spider-LOL
look closely blow it up you can see the ants in the sweet potato vine

yes, azalea's still blooming

gardina bush is just devine to smell
dueling hot biscuits
mississippi magnolia babe'

another view of my beautiful necklace Helen made me


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Vodka Mom said...

it must be flower day- and i NEVER get enough flowers. Love them.

lisa said...

A virtual bouquet. Beautiful

Gaston Studio said...

I see a vortex about to slurp up all that is below its giant mouth!

... but the flowers are beautiful!

Tabitha in Bliss said...

I love your flower photos! They make me happy. :)

You have something coming in the mail!

darsden said...

Vodka Mom-yes I am sorry I am stuck on Wednesdays with flowers but they are all new pictures LOL thank you :-)

Lisa-yes they are virtual to all my peeps, thank you. :-)

Gaston Studio-Yes, I saw the big mouth too...but chose a different route. Thank you :-)

Tabitha- thank you honey I am so glad they make you smile, so worth it then :-)) happy happy joy joy I love getting happy mail. You spoil me so..xoxo :-)

darsden said...

One Nurse- Welcome and com'on in and visit a while. I really appreciate you signing up on the side bar over there. Com'on back anytime. :-)

darsden said...

Me again I added the addendum after some of you had read. But, Tinkalicious lost her mom to cancer on Saturday. Wanted to let you all know so maybe you can go show her some love. I can't imagine in full what she is going through. But, I know if I lost mine .. how really hard it would be on me. Just wanted to let ya'll know.

blognut said...

I saw nothing after the spider cloud.

All I saw was Jesus, and then I blacked out.

darsden said...

blognut-you gave me a good belly laugh

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Beautiful photos Dar.

♥ Braja said...

Oooooo that azalea must be Michael's girlfriend... so purty :)

darsden said...

PHST-thank you so much I appreciate it.

Braja- lol I was totally surprised too when I stumbled across it yesterday looking for new beauties to shoot. :-)

darsden said...

Well I see Michel is still speechless I see her over on that lil ole blog frog ..she visited.. hummm wondering WTF she could possibly be up too.

An Open Heart said...

I am a floweraholic, so, smashing good pics of the flora! I totally dig Magnolia.....

Michel said...

I think the frog is f'n with me. I JUST got here and it says i was here four hours ago.

WTF Darsden!?

pretty flowers! I GUESS they might be cuter than my bucket and trash, IF that's what you're into in your garden. To each his own.

Prayers for Tink.

Pop and Ice said...

I checked on the Petunia again. It's still living. This is not summer weather, people!!!!! Or whoever controls the weather in Michigan!

darsden said...

An Open Heart- thank you I was trying to hold the branch as I took the picture lol I was having a time. stalk my pictures anytime :-)

Michel-I knew you were lurking around this parts my lil froggy friends tells me all the time what you are up too!

Yes, real live flowers to , bucket plastic ornamental crapola.. oh yea ola

Thank you for Tink..{hugs} for that

"I think you have been HEALED" if this really is Michel-Braja has powerful powers!!

You have a wonderful vacation Michel, please take lots of pictures. YoU know I think just about everybody
I know is going on vacation next week! Dang what's up with that..who is going to be serving me my cocktails after all. shit
everybody out on vacation!

Pop and Ice-true different weather but you are sweating the beginning of hurricane season either :) YOU will get there girl!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Pretty flowers. Wish I had those here on the farm. Especially those "hot biscuits"!

Ramadhani said...

that's beatiful flower.. you capture a great picture. Nice to see you..

Pastor Sharon said...

I see a black hole, if I squint really hard and blow the pic up 700 times, or do you reckon that's to big?
Darsden, the flowers are amazing! Love them all. I am especially fond of the Magnolia. It continues to be one of my favorites!
Thanks for a walk in the garden!

Maybe while Michel is on vacation we can send her some starts off your flowers to compliment her plastic garden? Now wouldn't that be the nice thing to do? :)

darsden said...

TF-Becky thank you and you could have some too they are all in flower pots..easy to care for. Happy walks with you too :-)

Ramadhani-thank you and good to see you too :-)

Pastor Sharon-LOL they do bring a whole new site when blown up. Come for a walk in my garden anytime :-)
Excellent idea for Michel too :-)

laughingwolf said...

great pics, dar... far up the coast from you, i have yet to see a lot of blooms in nova scotia....

Hit 40 said...

Great flowers! I love the white ones. Pink and white are my favorite.

Getting behind... I went out for diet coke and mentos to blow up at school tomorrow. Priorities.

Thank you for the note on Tinkalicious.

darsden said...

laughingwolf- thank you I appreciate that and yes you are just lii up the road ;-) I know it is beautiful up I have heard.

Hit 40- thank you have a wonderful time blowing up tomorrow getting close isn't it :-)
Yes, bless her heart.

Hit 40 said...

It is getting close! I have 6 2-liters of diet coke pop bottles and 8 packs of mentos to explode. Should be excellent.

Lilly said...

Dar, you flowers are incredible. Magnolias, yum!! These photos are perfect. You should make them into cards or something. You are a great photographer to - you have a real eye for it. More flowers please! Its about as close to the real thing as I will get unless I buy them myself (which I do mind you).

bearer of three said...


Reddirt Woman said...

Thank you for the kudos... with the sun shining on the stone it looks like reflections of tree limbs or maybe like looking up at the sun through tree limbs... I'm glad you like it. I had fun twisting the wire around it for you.


Reddirt Woman said...

I want to walk through your garden. Thank you for making it available through the blog.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great pics. I love everything that has anything to do with hot biscuits. LOL

Going now to see Tink. Thanks for letting us know.

tinkalicious said...

thanks, you're the best, love and kisses will have some flower/tree pics of my own to post when i get home next week