Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can Smell Home

L@@k she is just worn out...she isn't even trying to hide from the camera. Please notice she has changed her position proving she is NOT stuffed... We are in the tip top of Georgia at the KOA on a side of a mountain...just beautiful. But, so close to home. About 6 hours out. I can smell it from here. It was a wonderful visit with the family but it just flew by. I can't believe we are already heading home. I already miss the babies and family sooo much. I will be posting more of our wonderful vacation as soon as I can. Playing catching, trying to get my stalking...I mean reading in right now...but I am sooo tired. If I don't see ya tonight I will see you very soon. :-)) That is One happy puppy..she knows she going home..she can smell it like me :-)) she had a hard trip..first almost getting killed then she decided to act her old age and not get along with the adorable lil baxter man, she stayed under my bed for the entire week and would not eat!
That's some tired bitches ..ipod out..hard way to travel all that extra weight on me!
Side Note... Braja, honey good luck tomorrow with yet another surgery and praying the last of this horrible ordeal...moving forward with new plastics ;-)) you sure did take the hard road!
God Speed Braja & Jahnu you are both still in my prayers ..let's make this the last trip..OK


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Suzy said...

I love dogs who sleep on you. It's so comforting. Welcome home!

♥ Braja said...

You are such a darling...what a lovely message to find on your blog. Thank you my sweet friend...I'm going to munch some Oreos and woof some decaf coffee right now :))
I love that Rudey-dog-person :))


Hit 40 said...

I didn't realize Rudey was so small. What a cutie!!!

Going home is always good. Get your own bed and pillow. Your favorite drinks and glass :-)

Peggy said...

I miss my dog...she used to sleep on me until I couldn't feel my legs anymore! She was a big ole lab and the sweetest!
Welcome home and god speed to you and your faithful friend.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

dizzblnd said...

Welcome home! I am also praying for Braja

lisa said...

Woof, woof, pant...can't wait to be home. Lick, slobber.

blognut said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Becky said...

Going on vacation is GREAT!
But there's no place like home!

Pop and Ice said...

It looks like everyone is ready to be back home!

Tatersmama said...

Welcome home!
Next time, take me with you please!

(Rudey is just gorgeous!)

otin said...

I see you are from mississippi, my Mom lives there!

Hit 40 said...

I had to fix the post. The damn pictures disappeared!! So annoying. They were replaced with ? marks where the pics were suppose to be.

My friend is a perfectionist like me. I HAD TO FIX IT!!!

darsden said...

Suzy-she loves being on me all 18 pounds of her but she is a comfort for sure! Thank you so happy to be home in my own bed!

Braja-praying this will be all behind you and Jahnu soon. Oreo's always help don't they :-)

Hit 40-yes she is a low rider and ONLY 18 pounds LOL. I did bring my own pillows but it is wonderful being back home in my bed. NOW it's get in the yard and feed all these beautiful plants I take pictures of!

Peggy-I am sorry you have to miss your dog. I fear that for Rudey some day! I will be back and making comments on your blog soon. I am playing catch up. Thankyou for your kind words for Braja.

dizzblnd-thankyou it's good to be back and thankyou for praying for Braja. We know the powers you have woman! :-))

Lisa-you got it girl, Rudey is as happy as I am if not more.

Becky-there's no place like home, click, click there's no place like home LOL

Pop and Ice-yes, all very excited and happy. Now the work begins to pay for that week off.

tatersmama-okay we will swing extra wide over there and pic ya up.. :-)) she is one of a kind I have never seen anything like her before!

otin-wonderful to see you here. Yes, Gulfport Mississippi to be exact where is ya mama? I knew we were in Ms before I saw the signs by the magnolia smell and the figgin humidity welcome home!!

hit 40-LOL that has happened to me before too. I take a xanex and start over LOL

Pastor Sharon said...

What a way to travel! Hope you had fun. . . You probably have already posted and I haven't caught up yet. i am still reading from four days ago, because I took a 5 day computer break! What was I thinking?

darsden said...

Pastor Sharon-girl you don't ever leave for a week and think you can just catch up ..LOL I had a blast just flew by!