Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Sharing

Sophia (3) & Janzee (2)

Sunday Sharing... several weeks ago I received a tablet...LOVE IT. I also received a 3 year old to watch. So playing on my tablet and downloading kids apps (yea for me!) I started teaching Sophia (3) to use it. Wow, she caught on fast.  Her little fingers so soft I had to really get her to press hard.

So, add in a couple of weeks down the road and I had both girls 3 and 7. I pulled my tablet out and Emoree's (7) eyes got so big  said You got it...(thinking it was the one we had been looking at before) I said yes it was a gift.

But here is the best part ever!
 I handed it to Sophia (3) and said teach Emoree (7) how to use it and she did.
Emoree, was totally shocked and
 I was never more proud of Sophia ( my mini me).
Yep sometimes them baby sisters
can teach them big sisters a lesson or two.
 They shared contently all evening :-)

Children are sponges...
they are ready to absorb all the
knowledge we can teach them!

and on a side bar
 Janzee is bigger than Sophia LOL

xoxo dar
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"The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you"


Brian Miller said...

big smiles on the little teaching the big...that is awesome....i want a tablet too....maybe next christmas...smiles.

darsden said...

Brian-she's a natural. I love my lil tablet it is not an ipad but it's my ipad in my world. Dear friend gave it too me :-) 7" digitech at radio shack! Awesome indeed.

★ Braja Sorensen said...

i gave up on my tablet when i got my MacAir...:)

darsden said...

Braja- :-) my dreams aren't even allowed to process anything Apple... good to see you xo

Anonymous said...

My Dad used to tell me to listen to the little ones, you'll be amazed at the things they know.
They are smarter and more adaptable than we'll ever know.
Love them!