Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not to brag But I am appearing N "Hollywood"

Really not meaning to brag...but have you seen me... HERE I am in Hollywood, Fo Real. Really a super person Mizz Hollywood herself that is..(not me although why Yes, Yes I am all that and a bag of chips! Somebody should have taken the chips away from me a long time ago by the way-jus sayin) Ahem, anyway really appreciate the shout out. I feel the same about her. She was one of the very First to call me on the phone in reference to my Mom.
Means the world to this lil southerner girl here!
Go visit and check out her photos around LA and blog she will make you need a potty break :-)

NOW on more pressing issues here. HELP!!!! WTF BP plug the f___king Hole already!!! NONE of us will out live this oil leak and what it is destroying!!!! LET THE OTHER COUNTRIES COME HELP THAT HAVE OFFERED!!!!! We run to them and pull them out of their catastrophies.... THE SHIP HAS SUNK IT IS TIME FOR RESCUE NOW!!!! WTF OVER!!!
And We thought Katrina was bad....LORD help us!
So, I asked Rudey what she thought of BP... this is her reply

and we all know lil toto dosen't do well in all this bad weather we have been getting. So, she pretty much is like me these days...

loaded with attitude too!!!

xoxo dar

Geaux Get Your Read On!

'The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


Juli Ryan said...

You look great in Hollywood, but I'm so worried about that hole. Praying for a fix. And soon. xo's

Brian Miller said...

the hat makes the ensemble over at hollywood...yeah i feel about the same about BP...

darsden said...

Juli Ryan-hahaha thank you, me too.

Brian-appreciate it...very upset seeing the pelicans covered in oil...all the wildlife that will be lost, lively hood of the South, and the 11 lives lost...Such a high cost when we have had the power to do something about it a very long time ago...!!!

Suzy said...

I don't understand why we're not letting other countries - WHO HAVE VOLUNTEERED - help us?

I feel bad for your part of the world. All in all it is just not fair.

My pleasure shouting you out btw. xo

darsden said...

Suzy-I know Norway did and a couple of others! BP has ignore their ways of even how they could help cleaning it up...soooo sad. Horrible for the 11 lives lost that BP never mentions!! Horrible on the Level of Mississippi and Louisiana's very lively hood. Let me tell there wasn't much left after Katrina and now BP has made sure to finish us off!

WHY are there only 7 boats around the leak... why not a fleet with army sized booms to hold alot more together...COM'on...we walked on the moon and tell me you can't fix this... or at least not till maybe August or September.

OMG!!!!!!!!! It's 2010 !!!

blognut said...

I heard that the reason this thing has gone on this long is because they're trying to solve the oil leak but still keep the pump viable. WTF? Maybe if they hadn't worried about saving the oil well, they could have saved the environment.

I love Rudey. :)

darsden said...

Blognut=Yeppers that is about what I am hearing and seeing myself...all about the oil! The dude at BP "just wants his life back" WTF and then said the "Gulf is not the only place for shrimp". I am guessing he doesn't eat shrimp!!! But WTF your talking 100 year generations of fishermen aound here and louisiana..and the innocent wildlife that don't know what the hell happened to their world. That we all barely hung on after Katrina..WTF OVER!!!
OOOps hey Blognut honey good to see you .. Rudey sends her love right back. Me 2