Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't L@@K Suzy

Thank you all that continue to come by and show support for me. I am around these here parts just lurking in the back ground. Sometimes I have comments for you all, sometimes I don't and for that I am sorry. But I really do appreciate all of you!


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'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'
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Brian Miller said...

smiles. thanks for bringing such beauty to us in your pics. always nice to see you dar.

darsden said...

Brian-thank you, I knew when I hit post YOU would be the first! Got to say you do make me smile, I appreciate you Brian so much! (Big Hugs to you)

Joanie-ours are blooming in spurts too...some are just loaded with bud and others already bloomed out. We are expecting intense storms so hopefully not all of them will be lost. Thank you I appreciate you coming by too :-)

lani said...

Dars just caught up with the blog sooooo sorry about your mommy I can relate as my mommy is my heart....keep you head up life is good! come over to my blog for some laughs I can not help it...Life is an adevnture and it seems to jut get better each day..God starts soon.....ok 6 months or so soon enough

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blossoms and take your time. We all have our arms around you.

darsden said...

Lani-thank you very much and I understand...I am extremely far behind!

idgtm-thank you very much and appreciate you hanging in there for me.

Everybody in blogland has gone beyond the call of support and I really thank you all.

xoxo dar

Twisted Fencepost said...

Just cause we love you!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, Spring has sprung big time in your neighborhood. Your garden is beautiful.

Been thinking of you. Hope you're doing okay.


blognut said...

Heh. You just know Suzy is gonna look, don't ya'?

These pictures are beautiful, as always!

darsden said...

Twisted Fencepost-thank you Becky I appreciate it and you so much!

Joanna Jenkins-thank you, yes it's coming in but there are so many that are far behind the others ones but that is okay, makes them last longer that way. I appreciate Joanna.

Blognut-(I tried to warn her...nothing makes a comedian more mad than pictures of flowers on a blogroll ;-) Thank you I appreciate it and you my fuzzy blue friend.

Greener Bangalore said...

Hey Daaaarl! Lovely flowers! :)

Anonymous said...

We love you Dar! :)

Beautiful pictures my friend.

Heidi said...

Oh you just never mind that Suzy! I'm sure she really loves
I really do love your flowers.We have some spring ones just starting to bloom. Lovely. Hope you are well.

darsden said...

Nara-Hey there, thank you very much.

Maggie-thank honey I appreciate that very much. I feel it from all you guys and I thank you.

Heidi-I know I am just picking on Suzy, I love her to death...even if my pictures are killing her slowly! Thank you I appreciate it ours are coming in, in stages too.

Bella said...

hey my azaleas aren't in bloom yet! I be jealous, those are gorgeous!