Monday, November 16, 2009

Buck Club & Crashers

First time I have caught so many bucks at the same time! Beautiful Just Beautiful

Too well fed if you ask me
You talking to me
what Ever

hey guys what's up
hey everybody it's Bob
Here Kitty Kitty K I T T Y
hello LiL puddy dog
Hope everybody is doing well. I have been enjoying the outside as much as possible. I will try to be around soon to visit. I will be trying to do more pictures posting too....cuz you all know that the camera is with me when I am hanging outside :-)


Geaux Get Your Read On!

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'
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Heidi said...

I'm glad it wasn't my husband who "caught" those deer. There would be at least one on our dinner table tonight.
No, I don't eat deer, too cute for me.

Brian Miller said...

i could use a few extra we have a family of 5 deer that sleep in our yard ever night...had a big buck coming to visit them last night...almost caught him as i was pulling in. cute little coon!

darsden said...

Heidi-he'd have to get by big Red first!!!

Brian-LOL isn't that cool, they will be doing that soon here too when it cools down.

otin said...

Your property is all bucked up!

darsden said...

Otin-HaHa that is a good one :-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I love your blog! Your pics are fab, your flower are gorgeous, your words are great, and your comments are a riot!


rxBambi said...

I thought raccoons were named Roger (that's what mine is anyway!) and I love all the Bambis! Great photos!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

How cool is that! Thanks for sharing. It's so cool to see how they all hang out together.

darsden said...

Joanna Jenkins-thank you that is very kind of you to say and I really appreciate it.

rxbambi-lol I think I have heard that before... but I was supposedly pointing out Bob..the Bobcat I am backwards like that I put the name on top instead of the bottom..haha

Smart Mouth Broad-I think it's very cool I didn't know they hung out at all together till last year now the numbers are increasing. Thankyou

Medora said...

The rabbit and the raccoon are nice touches - that one buck is a big boy! Wouldn't want to hit him with my Focus - I'd be a dead girl!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures Dar! :)

♥ Braja said...

Yeah, I'm with Brian...I need the extra bucks. What's the recipe??

And if you give me a recipe for deer stew, you KNOW I'm gonna whoop your arse :)_))))

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks like you're feeding them all well.
The neighborhood that is! tee hee

Susan said...

I LOVE these! Especially the one with little Thumper!