Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mommy Tried to Kill Me "Review"

 My Review of Mommy Tried to Kill Me
(available on Amazon.com)
I have been reading the writings of Suzy Soro for over a decade now. She is a stand up comedian and started blogging and writing her humerus stories on line.(Hollywood
: Where Hot Comes To Die) Now she has penned her stories to books. Her first book Celebrity sTaker (available on Amazon) had me constantly bothering her for another book. Well, she had to go to Paris to take care of her Mom, and now we have her second book. Mommy Tried to Kill Me. Timing is everything.... I waited and waited for this book. Now I know why. This is the kind of book you just can't fly through. You have to read and set it down so you can adsorb what she has just said. Let the feeling and situations fill you up. Emotions of crying and laughing at the same time come through. All of us with aging parents can benefit from this book. It will shed light for some. (like it has for me with my step dad) It will bring laughter and tears to the hard situations. You will feel empathy for those involved. How a mother the caregiver, caretaker, the teacher of her daughters. The cruelty of time to were it can flip on a dime. To now the daughters who are becoming the caregivers and caretakers. The bumps along the way. The lessons taught and learned some the hard way. Suzy, brings you through all the growing and experiences she had along the way. Side bar stops along the way will have you laughing out loud while you are wiping the tears away. (I would like to say I can't wait for the next book...but, I will be feeling this one for a long time) This is a very poignant book, you will gasp in parts of it. You can feel Suzy emotions as you read and she is also discovering new things about herself...a daughter looking through her mothers eyes and she is seeing herself for the first time. Her own personal growth and pain of discovering ones own inefficiencies with dealing with ones parent.

I follow Suzy on Face Book and while she was in Paris, she would give us updates on line. But, I promise you I had no idea what she was actually dealing with. While she was in Paris, Charlie Hebdo, went down. I knew that. I forgot about it till this book. I knew it was coming just wasn't prepared to be reading it. Gasp again, My friend, Suzy, is there with her Mom...and what just happened. It brings it all to close to home.

This book opened my eyes with my aging step dad that I am taking care of. I might have more insight now to what might actually be going on. Sometimes you have to see through other peoples eyes... before you can see it for yourself... this has helped me open mine. It has also taught me to look within as Suzy has had to do.

Heart Wrenching with a side bar of Hysterical laughter.

Breath taking situations with love ones. Truths, Life lessons, learning and growing with aging parents.

Please do yourself a favor and pick this book up. Then go back and get everything else she has done. You will not be disappointed.

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